THE HUDSON COMPANy Journal, Volume 1

CLIENT: The Hudson Company, New York, NY / Jamie Hammel, Owner and CEO

PROJECT TYPE: Author and Project Management / Brand Identity and Marketing Publication / Website build

ABOUT THE PROJECT: The Hudson Company is a New York based, custom wood mill specializing in reclaimed and specialty wood flooring, paneling, and beams. The Hudson Company Journal is the official brand publication of The Hudson Company and showcases the brand's values, history, processes, and profiles of their products as used in a diverse range of architectural installations.


Long before historic barn wood becomes new gallery flooring or a hundred year old hand-hewn beam is repurposed as the centerpiece of a New York City restaurant - it had a ‘first life’ in the architectural past. Generations ago, these venerable materials were harvested, milled, and crafted into common but sturdy structures that have stood the test of time - water tanks, agrarian structures, and 19th century industrial buildings.  Over the past fifty years, as new architectural materials and standards have replaced traditional building methods, too much of this creative heritage has been lost to the waste stream.

It is into this vast and diverse field of sources that The Hudson Company goes in search of the historic materials that will become essential elements in future designs.  These vintage materials connect us with a narrative larger than ourselves. In a way, these materials are storytellers. If it was well crafted over one hundred years ago - we want to find it, rescue it, and give it a second life.

Since our founding in 1995, we have reclaimed and repurposed over two million board feet of historic high-character wood into new construction projects of every type. Because every species of wood is distinct and because each of our material sources has its own history - every single product that The Hudson Company mills has its own story to tell.

FROM THE CLIENT: 'Austin is an exceptional talent with acumen in all aspects of branding and marketing.  He is committed to excellence and is also a pleasure to work with.' - Jamie Hammel


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Amanda Jane Jones (Visual Designer of The Journal)