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CLIENT: Need Supply Co. 

PROJECT TYPE: 'Moments With Sunday' Blog Article / Licorice Love

ABOUT: Need Supply Co. is a clothing and lifestyle store based out of Richmond, VA. Need Supply Co. started selling vintage Levi's in 1996 but have since expanded their offerings to include men's and women's clothing and accessories. The popular Need Supply Co. blog is populated by articles, features, and profiles of trends, innovators, and makers. Every weekend, the highlight of the Need Supply Co. blog is its 'Moments With Sunday' medium- to long-form feature article.

EXCERPT from Licorice Love:

If you live in North America, there’s a pretty good chance you don’t exactly enjoy the taste of licorice. In fact, there's a good chance that you hate it. And in that case, the simple thought of licorice ice cream, licorice breads and pastries, and licorice-marinated meats—all washed down with an ice cold licorice beer or cocktail—probably makes you cringe.

Unquestionably one of the culinary world’s most divisive flavours, licorice has the power to induce both sour-faced revulsion from those who detest it, as well as glowing praise from its minority of devotees. This is especially true in the United States, where the black stuff has long been a perennial Halloween night reject. But is the revulsion justified? How well do we really know the enigmatic stuff sometimes referred to as the “sixth flavor”?

Enter LAKRIDS by Johan Bülow, founded by an enterprising young Dane Johan Bülow, in 2007. Bülow started the company in his mother’s tiny kitchen on the holiday island of Bornholm, southeast of Copenhagen to rediscover traditional licorice recipes and combine them with the best raw materials in order to create something that is both familiar and loved.





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