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CLIENT: Kinfolk Magazine / Nathan Williams, Editor in Chief & Brand Director

PROJECT TYPE: Magazine Features / Travel and Lifestyle Essays 

ABOUT: Kinfolk is a slow lifestyle magazine that explores ways for readers to simplify their lives, cultivate community and spend more time with their friends and family. Founded in 2011, Kinfolk is now the leading independent lifestyle magazine for young creative professionals and also produces international editions in Japan, China, Korea and Russia. Published quarterly, Kinfolk maintains a vibrant contributor base from Copenhagen to Cape Town and hosts hundreds of global events that bring the community together.

FROM THE CLIENT: 'Austin's writing is multi-dimensional—both witty and sophisticated at the same time. Our readers respond to his reflective style of writing and they often reach out to mention how much they have enjoyed his words and have related to his experiences.' Nathan Williams, Editor In Chief


Warmth of The Inverted Year, from Kinfolk Volume 2

An Unremarkably Casual Thing, from Kinfolk Volume 3

Our Indian Summers, from Kinfolk Volume 4

In Search Of Home, from Kinfolk Volume 5

A Wayfarer's Series: The River Wye, from Kinfolk Volume 6

A Wayfarer's Series: Lessons In Italian Cherries, from Kinfolk Volume 7

A Wayfarer's Series: The View From Above, from Kinfolk Volume 8


Kinfolk Magazine

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