"In Search of Home"


Ashlyn & I are both really proud of the story we contributed to the newest volume of Kinfolk (which came out this week). "In Search of Home" is partly about our story of moving abroad and partly a meditation on what it means to find / make / experience "being home" in the world. Hope you get a chance to find a copy and read it - as always, the Kinfolk team has made a beautiful volume. We'd love to hear what you think about the essay if you read it (see a very brief excerpt below).

"We have always longed for our liberty, and because of that, we often undervalue where we come from. But this is “growing up” or “making our way in the world,” this weaving together of old and new, this keeping the best of what made us who we are and, yet, making something of our own."

From In Search of Home, Kinfolk Volume 5, by Austin Sailsbury

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